Passenger boats

Ganz Danubius have designed and built (or converted old vessels into) passenegr boats such as excursion boat, event boat, cultural barge.
These vessels give good experiences for a lot of people. We take care to design the vessels so that we would like to attend too.

„A38” concert and event vessel

Complete project in two stages

A38 is the reincarnation of a Ukranian stone-carrier ship. With its inauguration on 30 April 2003, it started a new life on the Danube in Budapest as a cultural venue. Since its opening it has become one of Budapest’s most important venues, and according to artists’ feedback, one of Europe’s coolest clubs.
The name comes from Artemovszk 38, which is the name of a ship prototype and the reminder of a period of design and industrial history on the verge of extinction. A Ukrainian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968, was tugged through international waters in order to receive a complete makeover and create an artist and audience friendly place with a concert venue, bars, rooms and a restaurant.
Source of description:
A38 Event ship
Type: Berth connected vessel – consist of two vessels connected permanently
Purpose: Floating cultural centre with concert hall, Exhibition hall, Restaurant, Bars, Cultural studio of the Hungarian National Television
Guests: 1200 persons (total)
Crew: 35 persons
 Construction:  First vessel was converted from stone carrier barge, second vessel has been built new