Cranes / Floating cranes

Versatile solutions for many heavy problems



Ganz Danubius HUTI provides:

  • First class European quality

  • Compulsory and recommended spare parts are supplied with the vessels

  • Commissioning of vessels and cranes, training

  • Service jobs after the guarantee period

  • Overhauling of old Ganz Danubius and other vessels and cranes

Benefits of floating cranes:

  • Mobile lifting solutions
  • Essential for hydraulic engineering works, bridgebuilding, port construction, etc.
  • Transshipment solution in front of overloaded ports – instead of expensive quay usage
  • Floating crane delivery time is significantly shorter than port extension
  • One floating crane can serve several ports
  • Can be used 24 hours a day
  • High second hand value
  • Long lifespan

Taylor made solutions

Concept engineering, arrangements, features are defined according to Owners needs
Owner can choose preferred makers of built equipment
Owner can specify the classification society

Modern crane operation features

  • High tons/hour loading capacity
  • All movements simultaneously
  • Programmable jib positions for increased effectivity and operator comfort
  • Ability of very slow movements enabling precise work on assembling tasks
  • Dynamic positioning system can be applied if requested by the owner

Ganz Danubius 25/40t slewing floating crane

Type: Slewing floating crane
Purpose Primary: Bulk cargo handling with grab up to 25t (including the weight of grab)
Secondary: hook operation up to 40t
Navigation area: R3 (restricted area of navigation)
Class notation KM* Ice1 R3 AUT3 EPP, Floating Crane
Construction Fully welded steel structure
Length overall Lmax= 40,32 m
Length between perpendiculars Lpp= 40 m
Breadth extreme Bmax= 20,32 m
Moulded breadth B= 20 m
Depth D= 4 m
Max mean draught Tk= 2,1 m
Propulsion 2x 425 kW, Z-thruster, electric driven
Speed 6 knots
Deck load Up to 70t, 4t/m2
Crew 20 persons
Supplies 20 days
Type 360° slewing, Lemniscate jib system
Contruction Fully welded box girder
Grab operation 25t at 37m
Hook operation 40t at 22.5
Nominal loading performance (ρ=0,7) 750 t/h
Crane camera system View down from jib top,
View of blind zone in front of the main jib
Monitoring winch house
Data storage for 20 days
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